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TouchFest 2 2024

A little later than usual, but none the less important. What a tournament it was! We were fortunate to have perfect weather conditions and a huge turnout of Mixed teams from all across Wales, our largest so far. Games were once again compeitive across the two categories with end-to-end action from the first whistle. Congratulations to Kiwi Dragons for taking the Premiership title, the second in a row, and the ever-expanding Lougher Centurions for taking the Championship!

🏆 Premiership

Winners: Kiwi Dragons

Runners-up: Gower Dragons

Male MVP: Remiel Wharton (Coyotes)

Female MVP: Shani Evans (Rebellion)

🎖️ Championship

Winners: Loughor Centurions

Runners-up: Kiwi Dragons 2

Male MVP: Alfie Southgate (KD2)

Female MVP: Freya Perry (KD2)

🫸 Referees

MVR: Eddie Harris

A huge thanks to Neath RFC for stepping in and hosting us at the The Gnoll with such little notice. A great venue with a great team that did a fantastic job of keeping our players fuelled and hydrated. We hope to see you again nxt year.

Thanks to all our full-time refs and to all the player-refs that helped out, without whom the day would not have been possible. A special thanks to our Events Team... Rhian Williams, Steven Dubreuil, Rhiannon Letman, Dylan Collier and Shani Evans, who were helped out on the day by Emma Chilton, Jacob Williams and Eddie Harris.

A shout out to Robert Kestin aka Beardy Bob for being photographer for the day. See more of his great pics here:

Make sure you sign up for TouchFest 3 as soon as possible!


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