Our People

Wales Touch is run by many people that give up their time to help grow the sport we love. Here are some of our key people.

Board of Directors


  • Mixed Open
    Martin Seymour
    Andrew Bloom


  • Women's Open
    Owen Smith


  • Men's Open
    Roxy Williams
    Adam Williams


  • Women's 27/35s
    Danny Askew
    Morgan Williams
    Steve Riddlestone-Holmes


  • Men's 40s
    Chris Corcoran
    Gavin Jones
    Phil Williams


  • Men's 45s
    Steven Higgs


  • Men's 50s
    Neil Perkins


  • Juniors
    Adam Thomas
    Andrew Bloom
    Amberley Ruck
    Jacob Williams

    Kyle Owen

Life Members

  • Dave Swain

  • Paul Nepia

  • Moro Smith

  • Neil Perkins

  • Owen Smith

Managers / Coordinators

Team Managers

  • Mixed Open
    Helen Thomas-Evans


  • Mens Open
    Tom Jones

  • Men's 40s
    Rhian Williams


  • Men's 45s
    Iwan Davies


  • Men's 50s
    Eddie Harris


  • Juniors
    Helen Thomas-Evans


  • Howard Goldberg

  • Steve Riddlestone-Holmes


  • Howard Goldberg

  • Sam Carroll

  • Phil Williams

  • Jacob Williams

  • Karen Davies


  • Kevin Hobbs

  • Andrew Bloom

  • James Beasley

  • Roger Neighbours

  • Gwion Kennard

  • Rachel Kennard

  • Jonathan Francis

  • Kyle Owen

  • Matt Enoch

  • Sarah Price

  • Simon Enoch