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Individual Membership

To participate in any affiliated leagues or competitions, or any other Wales Touch hosted event, or to represent Wales Touch in any international elite competition, a membership is required.


Insurance and welfare cover

  • Public liability, professional indemnity, and personal accident insurance. For full details see the Wales Touch Insurance Portal.


Have your say

  • Representation within Wales Touch as a member with voting rights at the AGM.

  • Direct involvement in shaping the future of Touch in Wales.

  • Input into the sport’s development in Europe and around the world.

Participation and development opportunities

  • Involvement in any affiliated Wales Touch event or competition in which only those registered have the opportunity to be part of (subject to conditions).

  • Involvement in the Wales Touch Regional events and tournaments and Wales representation in which only those registered have the opportunity to be part of (subject to conditions).

  • Priority access and reduced cost to courses organised by Wales Touch and outside organisations such as England Touch, including relevant CPD training (subject to qualifying conditions).

  • Access to development opportunities and specialist courses either provided by Wales Touch or in collaboration with our partners such as England Touch and other nations, EFT and FIT.

  • Engagement with our officers and partners e.g WRU at national and local levels.

  • Opportunity to hold one-off club days/inter-club/other tournaments, with the support of Wales Touch.

  • FIT and EFT affiliation, including indirect benefits such as referee panels to improve our top referees and referee coaches, courses for coaches and coaching presenters.

Governance support

  • Access and compliance support on constitutions and running operations within boundaries of relevant regulations and laws, protection policies, disciplinary procedures, and a national code of conduct.

  • Advice and support regarding safeguarding, equality, inclusion and judiciary matters.

  • Access to Wales Sports Association. A network and support service to ensure consistent standards and a collaborative approach across the sporting sector in Wales.

Access to discounts and subsides

  • Referee/Coach/Volunteer - subsidy towards representative event costs (subject to conditions).

  • Free gym membership: Elite representatives are eligible for elite schemes in some regions (dependent on location and available facilities).

Quality assurance

  • Access to WTA referees and coaching staff.

  • Access to WTA medical staff (elite representative touch & subject to conditions) .

  • Protection under the national constitution, by-laws and policies.

Support of Wales Touch

  • The WTA is run by many volunteers that give up their time to help grow the sport we love. We have costs in order to operate and for us, membership provides us with essential income.


All memberships are valid for one year from the date of purchase/renewal request. Renewal periods are successive 12-month terms following your initial membership year, so if you wish to restart your membership for a full 12 months after a period of inactivity, you will need to register a new account; delayed renewal payments do not extend your membership beyond the registration anniversary.

Players - £40
Juniors - £25

Referees - £25

Coach - £25

Volunteers - £25

Temporary - £8


Junior players must be 13 years old or younger.

Membership is required to be head or assistant coach to an elite (national representative) team or carry out a voluntary role for the WTA. This membership is only available to non-playing members.

A temporary (1 month) membership is useful for individuals wishing to play in one Wales Touch club competition event or new players trying out the sport. Note: this option is only available for one month per calendar year and has no voting rights.

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