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TouchFest 1 2024

The 1st TouchFest of 2024 is done!

This was our biggest TouchFest to date. With this expansion, we saw the introduction of a Premiership and Championship format, catering for elite/competitive teams and newer/developing sides respectively. This led to some highly competitive games right from the first whistle through the finals in both categories. It was great to see so many teams returning from last year, but also so many newly formed teams taking up the sport.

In the end, Kiwi Dragons did the double in the elite tournament with Varsity Vandals did the same amongst the developing sides.


Mens's: Kiwi Dragons

Women's: Kiwi Dragons

MVP: Sam Williamson, Gower Dragons

MVP: Ella Treays, Cardiff Coyotes


Men's: Varsity Vandals

Women's: Varsity Vandals

MVP: Mason Brown, Lougher Legions

MVP: Mel, Mumbles Ladies


MVR: Rachael Kennard

Huge thanks to South Gower RFC, home of the Gower Dragons, for hosting us and marking up all the pitches, as well as the hospitable catering and BBQ festivities.

Massive thanks Gower College for a fantastic team of 7 Sports Massage Therapists that kept our players going throughout the day. They did an absolutely amazing job!

Thanks to all our full-time refs that made the day possible and kept the games flowing. Also too all the player refs that put in a huge shift to deliver this massive playing schedule on time.

Our Events Team also continues to grow... A massive thanks to Rhian Williams, Steven Dubriel, Rhiannon Letman, Dylan Collier and Shani Evans. Without them none of this would be possible.

See you at TouchFest 2 in Carmarthen in just 2 weeks time!


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