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TouchFest 3

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

TouchFest 3

Yesterday saw the third and final TouchFest of the 2023 calendar take place in the Cardiff sunshine and once again it was a glorious day all round. With entries capped to 10 teams, the standard of play was top drawer and the games were as competitive as ever, and all played in great spirits!

In Pool A, it would be the Gower Dragons and Rebellion that would top the table, having been very evenly matched in their game against each other earlier in the day. Kiwi Dragons Youth and Coyotes 2 put in strong performances, enough to take them into the plate competition.

In Pool B, Kiwi Dragons and Vandals progressed in the Cup, Coyotes 1 and Lougher Centurions went into the plate. Narrowly missing out were the Young Guns, who once again put in valiant performances across all their games and scored arguably the best try of the tournament!

In the Cup, both semis would prove very competitive with Vandals pushing Gower hard and Rebellion only losing out by one score to Kiwi Dragons. So it would be a repeat of the TF1 Mixed final. And yet again it was a fiercely matched game. With Gower up 4-3 at half time, the Kiwis had to dig deep to tie the game at 6-6 before the hooter blew. Again both teams scored quickly in the drop-off to tie the game within the 2mins, but with teams dropping to only 3 players each, it would be Gower that would once again clinch the win! That ends a very successful campaign for the West Walions, who take home 3 of the 4 cups on offer this year.

In the Plate, it would be Coyotes and Kiwi Dragons Youth that would reach the final and what a final it was. With the Kiwis edging a lead of 3-2 at half time, the Coyotes pulled it back to end the game 5-5. In the drop-off, both teams scored one each within the 2mins, before Coyotes stole the final score to win in instant death!

As always, huge thanks to Rhian Williams, Kevin Hobbs and Clive Thomas from our Events Team once again, helped greatly by Coyotes Richard Tugwell and co. A special thank you to our Referee Coordinator Stephen Dubriel and all referees that made it a great day... not only at TF3, but across all the TouchFests this year.... Thank you!!

Keep an eye out for the 2024 calendar of TouchFests but before then the Events Team hope to return with another Pendine Beach tournament in September - tide times to be determined!


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