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WTA Annual General Meeting

The Wales Touch Association - Annual General Meeting will be held on Sunday 20th March 2020 at 20.00hrs via Zoom. This message has been posted via Facebook and all members should receive an email notification with meeting joining instructions.

We have recently had a resignation from the board, Alex Welch resigned his position as Managing Director. The present board would like to thank him for his hard work and commitment during his tenure.

Neil Perkins has been moved into the Managing Directors position. Phil Williams and Helen Thomas-Evans have both been co-opted onto the board. Brendan Healy has been asked to explore and develop the strategic direction of "Touch in Wales". He is very keen to get help from the membership in shaping and then delivering a strategy.

In order to be eligible to vote at the AGM you must be a valid member before the close of Saturday 19th March 2022.

There are no requirements for existing Directors to stand down at this AGM.

The present board would like to discuss with its members the vision for the future of “Touch in Wales”.


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