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Men's 40s Travel to Jersey

A huge thanks to our friends at Jersey Touch for hosting the Men's 40s last weekend for three back-to-back games in the beautiful Jersey sunshine. It proved an important step towards building for the European Touch Championships in August for all teams involved.

Big thanks goes to Jersey's Kevin Hart and our very own Rhian Williams for organising the trip, so too to Daniel Rawlins for stepping in as our island physio and to all the high quality referees that made the game flow.

Test 1: Jersey M40 5-8 Wales M40 Test 2: Jersey MXO 4-13 Wales M40 Test 3: Jersey M40 4-15 Wales M40

A special mention for Ceri Davies and Neil Pugsley on winning their first caps.

Diolch o galon, tan tro nesa


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